A global company with roots in Switzerland

We are a Swiss company. That means we focus on reliability, quality and excellent engineering skills. But we’re also a global company with an international ambit that stands out on account of its dynamic teams. 

As a company of tradition we spent many years developing a specific corporate culture: manageable power teams and flat hierarchies give us a high level of agility and the ability to respond quickly to new customer requirements. Our own R&D division enables us to come up with startlingly innovative solutions time and again. Another plus that only a medium-sized specialised company can offer: our great proximity to our customers. After all, talking in person is the best way to develop the customer solutions that have been the hallmark of Brugg Cables for many years.


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) Policy
In the Terna Group people are at the centre, indispensable resources in continual evolution and renewal: it will in fact be the people who will guide the challenges of the energy transition and the impact of the new technologies on corporate processes and on the organisation of work.
For this reason Terna attributes vital importance to them, committing itself to guaranteeing for them management based on general ethical principles of legality, honesty and responsibility, as well as of good management, respect, equity and transparency.
Terna sustains the value of diversity and equity and values the uniqueness of people, working to create an inclusive work environment that encourages collaboration and creativity and in which people can develop their potential and their humanity.

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