A clean business: e-mobility

Traffic is currently one of the major ‘carbon giants’. Twenty-five percent of harmful carbon dioxide emissions in Europe can be attributed to road traffic. But this is about to change, partly on account of the UN Climate Conference, and also thanks to the growth industry of e-mobility. 

Environmentally friendly electric and hybrid vehicles need an efficient and reliable charging infrastructure. That’s why we provide high-quality cables to transmit power from the charging station to your battery and the entire vehicle periphery with minimum losses. And we’re there to help with the next step toward the future, too. We’ll work with you to develop successful solutions that will ensure a decisive competitive advantage in the e-mobility market. 

On the fast track with e-mobility

New technology has made it possible to extend the range of electric cars quite substantially and to reduce battery charging times to 15-20 minutes – partly thanks to innovative quick-charging cables that Brugg Cables has made a significant contribution to refining.

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UN Climate Conference COP21

The UN Climate Conference COP21 agreed on limiting global warming to 2°C and reducing carbon emissions by 50 percent by 2050. 

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