On the fast track with e-mobility

New technology has made it possible to extend the range of electric cars quite substantially and to reduce battery charging times to 15-20 minutes – partly thanks to innovative quick-charging cables that Brugg Cables has made a significant contribution to refining.

The direct use of electricity as motive power is efficient, environmentally friendly and often also more economical than fossil-based power generation. The main barriers to a breakthrough of e-mobility in day-to-day use were battery capacities and charging times. Now it’s possible to achieve a range of 300-400 km with a charging time of just 15-20 minutes. This new standard is giving rise to greater acceptance for the electric car industry, which will cause a sharp increase in demand for charging infrastructure. Studies show that up to two million public charging stations for electric cars are planned for Europe by 2017.

The product range in the e-mobility area includes 300/500V and 450/750V AC charging cables, DC charging cables and AC charging cable assemblies. Other products from Brugg Cables include charging cable and hybrid cable systems, high-voltage cables and high-voltage systems for vehicles, and cables and connections for energy storage devices. We also supply material and system solutions and assembly installation, including the entire logistics, by request and to suit requirements.