Ready to make the energy transition a reality

Europe needs a faster deployment of more and smarter electricity grids to make the energy transition a reality

Europe’s globally leading grid technology manufacturers, represented by Europacable and T&D Europe, are ready to deliver Europe’s future transmission and distribution systems!


This was the core message of the second Europacable and T&D Europe joint policy event “Electricity Networks at the Heart of Europe’s changing energy system” held on 27 November in Brussels.


The event gathered some 90 senior experts and policy-makers from Brussels and across the European Union who addressed the challenges and highlighted the solutions which would help put in place a future-proof EU electricity network to enable Europeans to enjoy clean, reliable, secure and affordable electricity.


Three dynamic panel sessions focused respectively on energy producers, energy consumers and prosumers, and the financial needs for grid reinforcement. Such discussions saw the active participation of Europacable which was represented in the different panel sessions by Mr. Domenico Gerace from Nexans, Mr. Andreas Berthou from NKT and Dr. Samuel Ansorge from Brugg.


Europacable representatives clearly stressed that cables are a mature, reliable and fully available technology which represents an accelerator when it comes to speed up the construction of power lines in sensitive areas. At the same time, with an annual cable production capacity of 11,000 km, the industry is ready to meet Transmission System Operators (TSOs) demands and make Europe´s power grids, reliable, future proof to address the challenges of an electrified future.


In his closing remarks, Raul Gil, Chairman of the Europacable Energy Team, listed the main takeaways stemming from the discussions:

  • the need to accelerate the decarbonization of the energy system wiht the creation of more, faster, smarter and digitized electricity networks which would be available to integrate up to 100% of renewable energy production and empower consumers.
  • Electricity grid reinforcements are not negotiable as the greatest cost for society would be that on not having both new and upgraded electricity transmission and distribution networks in place.
  • Europe is a technology leader in the energy sector and has the right tools to accelerate the energy transition; in this scenario, cables could play a key role in boosting public acceptance in sensitive areas .