Construction Products Ordinance to govern cable declarations of performance from July 1, 2017

With the introduction of the new EU Construction Products Regulation (CPR) no. 305/2011, the fire behavior of cables permanently installed in buildings also became relevant.


The ordinance incorporated into the Swiss Construction Products Act has been in force since October 2014. The transition period ends on July 1, 2017 and the Construction Products Ordinance must be complied with from this date at the latest.

What changes does the Construction Products Ordinance bring?
The fire behavior of the cable types covered by the Construction Products Ordinance is assessed based on uniform testing standards and the cables are divided into fire classes. From July 1, 2017, cables deemed to be construction products may only be put on the market if a declaration of performance is issued to the buyer. The declaration of performance includes the fire classes assigned to the cable and additional information to ensure traceability. This information must also be supplied with the product.

Brugg Cables will be shipping declarations of performance for affected cables together with the invoices from July 1, 2017; these must be stored with the documents for the building. A corresponding label will also be applied to the cable packaging. To make filing easier, a combination of our sales order number and the respective item number will be used as an identification code on both the declaration of performance and the label.

Cables that fall under the EU Machinery Directive, cables that are only installed temporarily, safety cables, and customized cables and fittings are not affected by the Construction Products Ordinance.

For more information on the Construction Products Ordinance and its application, see the document "Brandschutz bei Kabeln" ("German language") in the e-catalog. We also recommend course E from the Brugg Cables Academy (next dates: August 28, 2017, September 11, 2017 - held in German language).

If you have any questions about the Construction Products Ordinance, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to help.