“ChangeToFit” transformation strategy accelerates: Business in Power Accessories, Industrial Cables and Services to keep expanding

Brugg Cables, now a Division of the BRUGG Group, operates in the market as a legal entity under the name Brugg Kabel AG. The BRUGG Group – Brugg Cables’ parent company – is now looking for one or more strategic partners to assist in pursuing the Cables Division’s strategy and further development. Several different approaches are under consideration here. A sale of part or all of the Cables Division is not out of the question.

As a result of factors at local sites and the global market situation, early in 2019 Brugg Cables launched its “ChangeToFit” strategy, which essentially advances the unit’s transformation from a classic cable producer to a diversified provider of systems and solutions. Following its successful launch, implementation of “ChangeToFit” is being accelerated with immediate effect, including the further expansion of the cable system accessories and industrial cable systems and the transformation of the high voltage system with increased services like maintenance and emergency restoration. Our concentration on strategic core products has laid the groundwork for us to meet our customers’ needs even better. Thanks to our consistent encouragement of innovation, we can offer you optimized solutions.

As an established customer of Brugg Kabel AG, you have an assurance that we will continue to fill all orders with the same reliability and quality you have come to expect. Any agreements, existing contracts and future orders will be carried out unchanged by Brugg Kabel AG.

Our range of cable systems includes tailor-made system solutions with joints, terminations and link boxes for voltages up to 550 kV. It also embraces innovative solutions for smart cable systems, DC applications, powerful cooled charging cables for e-mobility.

We look forward to carrying out further projects with you, with a focus on the future and on successful partnership. If you have any questions or need further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.