When quality counts: flexible low-voltage cables

When you need quality, tailor-made cable connections from Brugg Cables are your first choice. Thanks to more than 100 years of experience and countless completed projects. And thanks to a broad product range and innovative solutions.

Whether it’s for the army, the mechanical engineering industry, security firms, or rail and road transport, flexible low-voltage cables are at the heart of the electrical power application. The development of special cable connections represents a challenge for engineers and technicians. The more complex the task and the greater the demand on the product, the more innovative the solutions have to be. That’s why we set great store by using the best materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes. Brugg Cables specialises in evaluating customised cable connections, including the associated plug connections, and monitoring the process through to series manufacture. Because we understand your requirements. and provide the level of quality that you expect from a prominent cable manufacturer.

Engineered to Order

Our extensive subject-area knowledge and well thought-out processes are there to help with your most demanding projects, from development through to assembly on-site.

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No matter how demanding your requirements are: we can offer you the best possible solution in cable assemblies and injection-moulding around inserts, plugs and screw connections.

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Current courses

Low and medium-voltage courses
Course E / 0.5 days
Costs: Fr. 350
all course fees plus 8% VAT

Theory 70%
Demo 30%
Seminar: Fire protection for cables

Fire performance of cable systems is now relevant with the introduction of the new CPR (Construction Products Regulation no. 305/2011). This ordinance, incorporated by Switzerland into its Building Products Act, has been in force since October 2014. From 1 July 2017 at the latest, building products (in accordance with the harmonised technical standard) may no longer be marketed without a statement of performance. After completing the course, participants will be familiar with the requirements of both fire protection and electrical fittings.
An introduction to the Directives and standards, fire protection, materials technology, cable structure and fire test specifications. Demonstration in the fire test chamber. Buffet lunch to follow.

Target group

Designers, engineers and installers of communications and power cables for technical systems.

Fibre-optic cable course
Course F / 1 days
Costs: Fr. 350
all course fees plus 8% VAT

Theory 80%
Demo 10%
Practice 10%
Seminar: Fibre-Optic Basic Course

Gain a comprehensive overview of fibre-optic cables.
Introduction to fibre-optic and cable technology, connection methods, including plug-in connections and metrology.
Theory course with small practical demonstrations.

Target group

Anyone interested in gaining an overview. No prior knowledge necessary.

Performed by the company LightCom in the rooms of Brugg Cables.

*If you book the course F & G together you will get a price deduction.

Course G / 1 days
Costs: Fr. 450
all course fees plus 8% VAT

Theory 60%
Demo 30%
Practice 10%
Seminar: Fibre-optic network structure for utility companies

Gain a comprehensive overview of fibre-optic cables.
Fibre-optic and cable technology, connection methods, cable route and laying methods, fibre-optic network structure, interurban to FTTH (Fibre to the home).
Theory course with small practical demonstrations.

Target group

Network managers, designers, engineers, senior installers, real estate administrators

*If you book the course F & G together you will get a price deduction.

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