Achieving new successes together

Together with our partner entities, we are constantly improving the way we work together – for our customers and to make the best use of new and attractive opportunities.

Are you interested in working with Brugg Cables? Find out more here about the basic conditions for successful collaboration. We’ll be happy to give you more information directly: via our central strategic purchasing office in Brugg or at our local purchasing locations in China.

Quality, costs and time

We aim to work together with our suppliers as partners on a foundation of fairness and efficiency, and expect our suppliers to be reliably competitive. We choose our suppliers based on considerations of quality, costs and time. In seeking to work together, we aim to develop attractive, competitive advantages for our customers’ benefit by ensuring our performance is the best it can be.

Attitude and ethical values

Our partner entities must satisfy Brugg Cables’ compliance standards in terms of their ethical values and responsible use of resources.