Preventive Maintenance

Preventive inspections and maintenance of your systems

With its preventive maintenance service offering, Brugg Cables takes care of the maintenance of your cable systems on a routine basis. This ensures that your cable systems remain functional and minimizes chance of failure. The goal of this maintenance strategy is to reduce the number of failures and optimize workflows.

Brugg Cables will create a customized maintenance plan for your power plant or cable system based on the relevant maintenance intervals and the needs for spare parts and inventory management.

Depending on the type of system you have, its age, and your requirements, we can define and systematically implement a tailor-made solution for built on the standard options of our Condition-Based Maintenance, Reliability Centered Maintenance, or Time-Based Maintenance plans. We perform detailed cable system, temperature, and material analyses to determine the most useful approach.

Power distribution systems industry

Maintenance of cable systems in power distribution systems is a demanding task.

Avoiding failures while simultaneously ensuring that operating costs are not neglected – finding the ideal solution is our passion. Brugg Cables provides assistance through well-proven maintenance plans tailored to the specific distribution network.

Power station industry

A successful maintenance strategy is an essential key factor for operational safety.

The challenge here lies precisely in the interaction and coordination between power plants and cable systems. Brugg Cables develops maintenance plans which ensure that maintenance measures of both the power plants and cable systems are synchronised.

Power plant - industrial power plant industry

Preventive maintenance is a well-established, mature procedure in the industrial sector.

The challenge with cable systems lies in synchronising maintenance measures with production schedules and capacity utilisation or energy requirements. Brugg Cables has extensive expertise in this thanks to many years of cooperation with industrial customers.