Engineering Services

We’re here to assist with analyses, planning, and approval processes

When you’re operating cable systems, designing new ones, or retrofitting, it’s essential to ensure a thorough analysis, comprehensive planning, successful approval processes, and efficient project management.

Our Engineering Services focus on developing a tailor-made cable system that will guarantee problem-free operation for its required service life. Whether you need installation plans, a modified cable design, loss calculations, or short-circuit current calculations, the Brugg Cables Engineering Services cover all your requirements.
We perform wide-ranging analyses and simulations for our customers. You’ll receive the results in the form of a detailed report.

Experience shows that thorough analysis and planning right at the outset will ensure a stable, reliable, and therefore more cost-optimized operation of your cable systems.

Power distribution systems industry

The complexity of power distribution systems is a considerable challenge when modifying, expanding or converting them.

Well-founded analysis and planning are imperative to carrying this out. As part of their engineering services, the Brugg Cables experts offer their competent assistance with analysis, simulation, planning and implementation.

Power station industry

The planning, approval and construction phases for power stations are long-term projects.

Well-founded analysis and advance planning are essential for implementing the projects successfully, and the experts at Brugg Cables have extensive expertise in supporting such projects.

Power plant - industrial power plant industry

Power plants and industrial stations are constantly being put to the test.

Performance and adequate energy supply are complex issues and do not usually constitute the core competencies of an industrial company. With their engineering services, Brugg Cables provides expertise which can be utilised in a targeted manner.