Cleverly connected: networks

Brugg Cables is already producing the power distribution networks of the future. After all, we understand the individual challenges faced by our customers. And we develop tailored solutions to satisfy the most stringent demands.

Design, manufacture, installation, maintenance … to suit your requirements, Brugg Cables delivers the complete solutions that you, as a leading network provider, will expect. That means you not only benefit from our extensive expertise and thorough engineering skills, but also from the many years of experience that we can build on to ensure long-term viability and ideal levels of efficiency for your plant.

Turnkey projects

Well thought-out strategies from a single source, and end-to-end implementation to suit individual customer needs: we implement complete solutions based on your requirements.

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Impressive testing opportunities: our laboratory for your systems.

Take advantage of the testing and research opportunities offered by our Faraday cage, one of the largest in Europe at 19,000 m³.

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“The best way to convey the added value of a system solution is to implement a project in just the way the customer wants. Nothing is more persuasive than our customers’ experiences.”

Willi NägeleHead of Business Unit Power Systems