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Last updated: January 2017


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By downloading from this website, you confirm your agreement to these terms and conditions.

Downloads are available 24/7. Brugg Cables does not, however, guarantee uninterrupted availability.

Brugg Cables will adjust downloads to ensure they remain up to date. Brugg Cables reserves the right to change information at any time, particularly to take account of changes of a technical or practical nature, without notice or notification.

Rights of use

The content of these pages is subject to copyright protection in favour of Brugg Cables. Use and dissemination, performance, presentation or other forms of reproduction, transformation and processing are permitted only subject to express prior written approval from Brugg Cables. Copyright symbols and similar notices must be included unchanged in such cases.

Brugg Cables advises visitors to its website that data transfers via the Internet are unsecured. The possibility that data will be seen or even forged by unauthorised third parties cannot be ruled out.

Exclusion of liability

No warranties are assumed or assurances made based on the content and downloads made available, or this agreement itself. No guarantee claims may be made on this basis.

Use of the downloads is at your own risk. Brugg Cables declines all liability for the software and information, with specific reference to its usability, accuracy, completeness and the absence of viruses.

Liability on the part of Brugg Cables for the defective transmission of data sent to Brugg Cables, the manipulation of such data by third parties, particularly as a result of unauthorised access to Brugg Cables’ networks and systems, is excluded.

Brugg Cables shall not be liable for losses caused by trojans, viruses or similar programs, or programs, program elements or codes that similarly compromise, destroy or shut down systems or parts of systems.

PDF files

Adobe Acrobat Reader is needed to view PDF files.

Data selection and use

Responsibility for the correct selection and the consequences of the use of data, and the intended results or the results actually achieved, lies with the recipient. Brugg Cables cannot be held liable for losses or consequential losses.

Liability is not ruled out in cases where liability is mandatory, for example in cases of intent, gross negligence and violation of contractual obligations.


All reports can be submitted at any time via the following channels: by e-mail to the address
The whistleblowing address is available to all citizens.

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