Asset Management & Services

We keep your systems in shape.


Planning, constructing, operating, and maintaining cable systems for high- and ultra-high-voltage power transmission is a complex and demanding job. You can rely on us to take care of all these tasks in collaboration and consultation with you.

Brugg Cables is an innovative cable manufacturer based in Switzerland that offers an extensive range of power transmission and distribution services. Our Asset Management and Services package is especially designed for the demands of energy utilities, transmission system operators, and electricity customers in the high- and ultra-high-voltage segment. The package includes an array of services to that make planning, constructing, operating, and maintaining high-voltage cable systems safe, efficient, and cost-optimized.

Emergency Response Solutions

We fix urgent faults

Whether you’re a power generator, an end consumer, or a large-scale industrial customer, you need your electricity systems to operate reliably. Faults pose a threat to your power supply and can have significant consequences.

The Emergency Response Solution from Brugg Cables gives you the assurance of fast and efficient repair of urgent faults – anywhere in the world!

Brugg Cables is responsible for intervening if an emergency or crisis occurs as a result of grid problems or outages. We guarantee a quick response by our experts, followed by repairs and provision of the relevant spare parts as required.

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Engineering Services

We’re here to assist with analyses, planning, and approval processes

When you’re operating cable systems, designing new ones, or retrofitting, it’s essential to ensure a thorough analysis, comprehensive planning, successful approval processes, and efficient project management.

Our Engineering Services focus on developing a tailor-made cable system that will guarantee problem-free operation for its required service life. Whether you need installation plans, a modified cable design, loss calculations, or short-circuit current calculations, the Brugg Cables Engineering Services cover all your requirements. We perform wide-ranging analyses and simulations for our customers. You’ll receive the results in the form of a detailed report.

Experience shows that thorough analysis and planning right at the outset will ensure a stable, reliable, and therefore more cost-optimized operation of your cable systems.

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Spare Parts Services

Quality testing, rapid delivery of spare parts, and optimized inventory management

Important factors in the ongoing operation of cable systems are spare parts: their condition, suitability, and availability in the shortest possible time. The Brugg Cables Spare Part Services includes supplying spare parts, managing your spare parts (inventory management and availability), on-site inventory control (quality, standard, age) and, as required, assuming responsibility for spare part inventory and warehousing (Opex) on our customer’s behalf.

As our customer, you’ll benefit from ongoing and accurate stocktaking, assurance of defined volumes of spare parts to meet your needs, reduced inventory costs, and cost optimization in both warehousing and employee capacities (Opex).

This means that you can minimize the time needed to get back up and running following a fault or maintenance.

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Preventive Maintenance

Preventive inspections and maintenance of your systems

With its preventive maintenance service offering, Brugg Cables takes care of the maintenance of your cable systems on a routine basis. This ensures that your cable systems remain functional and minimizes chance of failure. The goal of this maintenance strategy is to reduce the number of failures and optimize workflows.

Brugg Cables will create a customized maintenance plan for your power plant or cable system based on the relevant maintenance intervals and the needs for spare parts and inventory management.

Depending on the type of system you have, its age, and your requirements, we can define and systematically implement a tailor-made solution for built on the standard options of our Condition-Based Maintenance, Reliability Centered Maintenance, or Time-Based Maintenance plans. We perform detailed cable system, temperature, and material analyses to determine the most useful approach.

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Upgrading or expanding existing systems

To ensure reliable operation, keep operating costs under control, and observe legal requirements, you need to invest in upgrading or expanding your cable systems.

Brugg Cables analyses your systems and components, establishes your upgrade requirements, plans the project, and implements it. This involves a critical assessment of whether conversion – a “bypass solution” that keeps the system operating at top performance for its lifespan – or a new installation would be more practical.

The experts at Brugg Cables evaluate and manage the projects and maintain a balance between affordability, technical feasibility, and compliance with legal requirements (for example, materials and environmental factors). The projects range in scope from replacing individual components to complex turnkey projects.

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