Business administration to EFZ level

Every year we offer training in business administration to EFZ level for three school-leavers. We also cover the Swiss “M-Profile” (professional maturity level) for students meeting the appropriate academic standards.

During the three-year course, students work through all of the departments relevant to an industrial company, such as purchasing, sales, dispatch and accounting. The training programme has a modular structure and enables the trainees to gain not only an insight into the wide variety of fields of commercial activity but also the broadest possible range of experiences. The learning objectives meet the model industry curriculum for “Service and Administration”. Throughout the training period, the trainees are looked after and supervised by skilled and experienced vocational trainers.

Trainees are selected in the year before the training course starts. Short-listed school-leavers are invited to participate in trial apprenticeship days.

Apprenticeship positions currently available are listed here: open positions


Vanessa Bäni
Head of vocational training
+41 56 201 34 60

Trainee in business administration to EFZ level (on-the-job)