Turnkey projects. One-stop shop - everything from a single source.

Brugg Cables is the high-performance partner for high-voltage cable projects. From planning, production, and logistics to laying, installation, and commissioning. As a general contractor, we coordinate all trades, monitor all phases and, with our experts, we are the central point of contact for the customer – be it a new construction project or an existing building.

We understand where our customers are coming from, as well as the different challenges that demanding projects involve – from accounting for international quality standards to mechanical and thermal conditions and your requirements in terms of cost optimisation and future-proofing. With Brugg Cables you create highly reliable power networks with a winning range of high-quality solutions.

Analyses, engineering & project planning

The basis of all projects is comprised of extensive cable diagnostics, analyses and simulations for optimising the cable system, definition of requirements and development of the technical design. This is followed by the planning of the overall project, planning and coordination of the various trades and assisting with approval procedures.

Project management & cable construction coordination, production of cables & accessories

Our project management team provides full support for the project along with our experts on site. In doing so, we follow the “one face to the customer” principle. As a general contractor, we are there for the customer and assume responsibility for production and construction coordination of all trades at the various sections of the construction site within the project.

The defined cables and accessories are usually manufactured specifically for the project. Our own production locations and our global workbench come into play here. The various locations coordinate the production of cables and accessories. Brugg quality management monitors compliance with quality standards.

Delivery & logistics

Site-specific and on-time logistics are key factors in the success of complex construction projects. We arrange transport from the production sites to the respective country as well as heavy-duty transport to the relevant construction sites. Transport and delivery take place in accordance with the construction site schedule.

Laying & installation

Professional cable laying and accessory installation are decisive factors when it comes to the project schedule, smooth operation and ensuring a long cable system service life. For example, calculation and implementation of the cable pull with corresponding tensile forces on the material are complex tasks. The installation of fibre optic cables for temperature measurement and monitoring also poses its own challenges. Our own specialists and certified partners receive regular training in this regard to ensure that their skills are up to date.

Testing, commissioning & acceptance

At the end of the cable project, extensive tests are carried out on the cable systems to confirm the performance data in addition to commissioning and acceptance by the customer. This all takes place within the project schedule.