Emergency Response Solutions - Norway

Whether you're a network operator or a large-scale industrial customer, nowadays you are facing higher demands on the stability and reliability of power networks.

The increasing on-site generation of energy, the massive roll-out of renewable energy and the conversion of end consumers to electrical energy only marks a turning point for the energy market. 

That means that, for network operators, besides the demands on stability and reliability, the need for higher and more flexible load profiles and a preventative risk management strategy to avoid outages is becoming increasingly important. 

The incident, we mentioned in this movie, occurred at the Norwegian hydroelectric power station, of Hafslund Eco.

With its wide portfolio of asset management and service solutions, Brugg Cables offers individual and systematic support for network operators. For incidents and failures in particular, we draw on our long-standing experience to deliver an emergency response process to solve outages as quickly, efficiently and uniformly as possible, keeping the downtime to a minimum. 

Discover our movie https://youtu.be/QIgOR5GJpA8?utm_source=YouTube&utm_medium=YouTube&utm_campaign=Emergency+response+case

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