Full-service for high-voltage oil cables from Brugg Cables

High-voltage oil cable systems are a particular focus of attention in high-voltage networks due to their advanced age and current environmental sensitivity. Brugg Cables supports you in the operation and repair of your systems on the basis of our many years of experience, both in the cable factory as a former manufacturer of oil cables and in our service and installation team.

Our full-service for your high-voltage oil cables includes:

  • Emergency Response Services
    Fast and sustainable solution of breakdowns
  • Spare Parts Services
    Delivery and installation of spare parts and accessories
  • Preventive Maintenance
    Cable diagnostics as well as condition and risk assessments
    Maintenance assignments
    Professional repairs incl. certifications (handling of water-polluting substances)
  • Retrofit
    Replacement of segments or complete cable systems with XLPE cables

Through numerous projects and targeted investment in its own staff competence, Brugg Cables has built up a wealth of experience that meets these requirements. This service is independent to the origin manufacturer of the oilcable.

More info is available here: Risks of oil cables in the high-voltage grid and the customer case study "enercity oil cable".

Feel free to contact us about your current situation!